Nestled on the north coast of Crete, Greece, is the popular holiday resort town of Hersonissos. Known for its sandy beaches, lively nightlife, and stunning landscapes, Hersonissos has become a must-visit destination for those looking for an unforgettable summer vacation in Greece.


Hersonissos is blessed with several stunning beaches, each offering something unique. The most popular is the golden sand of Star Beach, which has a lively atmosphere and plenty of water sports to enjoy. For those seeking a quieter experience, the small and secluded cove of Sarandaris Beach is a great option, with crystal-clear waters and a relaxed ambiance.


Aside from its beaches, Hersonissos boasts an array of exciting attractions for visitors to explore. The Lychnostatis Open Air Museum is a fascinating place to learn about the island’s history and traditional way of life, while the Aquaworld Aquarium and Reptile Rescue Centre are perfect for families with young children.

For the more adventurous, there are opportunities for hiking in the beautiful surrounding hills or exploring the nearby Lasithi Plateau, known for its picturesque windmills and stunning views.


Hersonissos is renowned for its buzzing nightlife, with a variety of bars and nightclubs lining the town’s main strip. From chilled-out beach bars to loud and lively nightclubs, there’s something to suit every taste. For those looking for a more laid-back evening, there are also plenty of restaurants and cafes offering delicious local cuisine and relaxing atmospheres.


Hersonissos has a range of accommodation options to suit all budgets and tastes. From luxurious five-star resorts to budget-friendly guesthouses, there’s something for everyone. Many of the hotels and resorts in Hersonissos offer all-inclusive packages, making it easy to plan and budget for your holiday.

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