Nestled in the heart of the Cyclades, Naxos and Paros are two neighboring islands that offer unique experiences and attractions. If you’re staying in Naxos and considering a day trip to Paros, you’re in for a delightful adventure. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you plan your perfect day trip from Naxos to Paros.

How to Get to Paros from Naxos

By Ferry

The most convenient and straightforward way to travel from Naxos to Paros is by ferry. The short distance between the islands makes ferry travel both quick and easy.

High-Speed Ferries

High-speed ferries are the quickest option, with travel times ranging from 30 minutes to an hour. Companies like SeaJets and Golden Star Ferries offer frequent services, providing a fast and efficient way to hop between the islands.

Conventional Ferries

Conventional ferries take a bit longer, usually around an hour to an hour and a half. Blue Star Ferries is a major operator providing reliable and comfortable ferry services between Naxos and Paros.

Booking Your Ferry

It’s advisable to book your ferry tickets in advance, especially during the busy summer months, to secure the best schedules and prices. You can book tickets online or through local travel agencies.

Planning Your Day in Paros

Morning Departure

To make the most of your day trip, catch an early morning high-speed ferry from Naxos to Paros. This will give you a full day to explore the island’s attractions.

Top Attractions to Visit


Start your day in Parikia, the charming capital of Paros. Wander through the narrow, winding streets, admire the whitewashed buildings, and soak up the vibrant atmosphere. Key highlights include:

  • Panagia Ekatontapiliani: Also known as the Church of 100 Doors, this ancient Byzantine church is one of the most important religious sites in Greece.
  • Paros Archaeological Museum: This museum houses artifacts from the island’s rich history, including sculptures, pottery, and ancient inscriptions.
  • Parikia Old Town: Explore the picturesque old town with its traditional Cycladic architecture, quaint shops, and cozy cafes.


In the late morning, head to Naoussa, a picturesque fishing village located on the northern coast of Paros. Naoussa is known for its charming harbor, lively atmosphere, and excellent dining options. Highlights include:

  • Venetian Castle: The ruins of this castle provide a glimpse into the island’s history and offer stunning views of the harbor.
  • Naoussa Harbor: Enjoy a leisurely stroll around the harbor, lined with fishing boats, cafes, and seafood restaurants.

Lunch and Relaxation

Naoussa is an excellent place to enjoy a delicious lunch. Try local dishes such as grilled octopus, fresh seafood, and traditional Greek salads at one of the waterfront tavernas.


After lunch, head to one of Paros’s beautiful beaches for some relaxation and swimming. Some popular options include:

  • Kolymbithres Beach: Known for its unique rock formations and crystal-clear waters, Kolymbithres is perfect for swimming and sunbathing.
  • Santa Maria Beach: A popular beach with plenty of amenities, ideal for water sports and lounging.

Afternoon Exploration

In the afternoon, explore more of Paros’s attractions:

  • Lefkes Village: Visit this picturesque mountain village with its narrow streets, traditional houses, and stunning views of the island.
  • Paros Park: This natural park offers hiking trails, secluded beaches, and the Monastiri beach, perfect for a peaceful retreat.

Evening Return

Catch an evening ferry back to Naxos. High-speed ferries usually offer return trips that allow you to spend a full day on Paros before heading back.

Tips for a Smooth Day Trip

Book in Advance

Ferry tickets can sell out quickly during the high season, so book your tickets in advance to ensure availability.

Travel Light

Pack light with essentials such as sunscreen, a hat, comfortable walking shoes, swimwear, and a small bag for any purchases you might make.

Plan Your Time Wisely

With only a day to explore, prioritize the attractions and activities that interest you most. Use a map or guide to plan a logical route to maximize your time.

Stay Informed

Check the weather forecast and any travel advisories before your trip. Ferry schedules can be affected by rough seas and high winds.

A day trip from Naxos to Paros is not only possible but also a fantastic way to experience the diversity of the Cyclades. With convenient ferry connections, you can explore the charming towns, beautiful beaches, and rich history of Paros all in one day. Whether you’re interested in sightseeing, dining, or simply relaxing by the sea, Paros offers something for every traveler. Plan your trip carefully, and you’ll be able to enjoy a memorable day on this enchanting Greek island before returning to the serene beauty of Naxos. Happy travels!

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