Greece, with its stunning landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture, is a magnet for the wealthy. From luxurious seaside villas to opulent urban residences, the rich in Greece choose locales that offer a blend of natural beauty, exclusivity, and high-end amenities. If you’re curious about where the affluent choose to live in this Mediterranean paradise, here’s a look at some of the most prestigious areas in Greece.

Athens: The Heart of Greek Luxury

As the capital city, Athens is not just the political and cultural hub of Greece but also a hotspot for luxury living. Wealthy individuals and families often reside in upscale neighborhoods that offer a combination of historical charm, modern amenities, and proximity to the city’s vibrant cultural scene.


Kolonaki, one of Athens’ most prestigious neighborhoods, is synonymous with luxury and sophistication.

  • Exclusive Lifestyle: The area is dotted with designer boutiques, gourmet restaurants, and chic cafes. Residents enjoy a cosmopolitan lifestyle with easy access to cultural attractions like the Benaki Museum and the Athens Concert Hall.
  • Real Estate: Kolonaki offers elegant neoclassical mansions, modern apartments, and penthouses with stunning views of the Acropolis and Lycabettus Hill.


Glyfada, located along the Athenian Riviera, is a prime location for those seeking a coastal lifestyle while remaining close to the city.

  • Luxurious Living: This suburb boasts upscale shopping centers, marinas, golf clubs, and a vibrant nightlife. The seafront promenade and beaches are major attractions.
  • Real Estate: Glyfada features luxury villas, contemporary apartments, and high-end condominiums, many with breathtaking sea views.

The Greek Islands: Seaside Elegance

Greece’s islands are renowned for their natural beauty, and many of them have become enclaves for the wealthy, offering privacy, exclusivity, and stunning vistas.


Mykonos is famous for its glamorous nightlife, stunning beaches, and high-profile visitors. It’s a favorite among the international jet set.

  • Vibrant Lifestyle: The island is known for its beach clubs, upscale dining, and luxury boutiques. It’s also a hotspot for celebrities and socialites.
  • Real Estate: Mykonos offers opulent villas, often designed in the traditional Cycladic style with modern twists. Properties with private pools, sea views, and direct beach access are highly sought after.


Santorini, with its iconic caldera views and romantic ambiance, is another top choice for the affluent.

  • Scenic Beauty: The island’s unique volcanic landscape, whitewashed buildings, and stunning sunsets create a picturesque setting. Luxury hotels, fine dining, and boutique wineries add to the appeal.
  • Real Estate: High-end properties in Santorini include cliffside villas and homes with panoramic views of the caldera and the Aegean Sea. These properties often feature private terraces, infinity pools, and exquisite architectural details.

Crete: The Island of Opulence

Crete, the largest Greek island, offers a mix of cosmopolitan living and serene countryside, attracting both wealthy locals and international buyers.


Elounda, on the northeastern coast of Crete, is known for its luxury resorts and private estates.

  • Luxury Resorts: The area is home to some of Greece’s most exclusive resorts, offering world-class amenities and services. The stunning coastline and tranquil surroundings make it a popular choice for affluent individuals.
  • Real Estate: Elounda boasts luxurious villas, many of which are nestled in the hills overlooking the Gulf of Mirabello. These properties often include private pools, lush gardens, and direct access to the sea.

Northern Greece: Mountain Retreats

Beyond the islands and Athens, Northern Greece also offers luxurious living options, particularly in mountainous areas that provide privacy and breathtaking natural beauty.


As Greece’s second-largest city, Thessaloniki combines urban sophistication with historical charm.

  • Upscale Neighborhoods: Affluent residents often choose areas like Panorama, which offers luxurious homes with views of the city and Thermaic Gulf. The neighborhood features high-end amenities and a peaceful environment.
  • Cultural Hub: Thessaloniki is known for its rich cultural scene, excellent restaurants, and vibrant nightlife, making it an attractive place for wealthy individuals.

From the bustling heart of Athens to the serene shores of the Aegean, Greece offers a diverse array of luxurious locales for the wealthy. Each area provides a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and high-end amenities, catering to the varied tastes and preferences of affluent residents. Whether it’s the cosmopolitan streets of Kolonaki, the glamorous beaches of Mykonos, or the tranquil hills of Elounda, Greece’s luxurious enclaves showcase the best of what this enchanting country has to offer.

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